fixed Price Accessory Exchange

PW200 Series FMM's

P/N 8063-856 or 3055982-03

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PT6C-67C FMM's

P/N 3048676-11 or P/N  8063-1089

P/N 3048676-09 or P/N  8063-1048

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P/N 3244736-8 & P/N 3244735-14

P/N 3244884-3 & P/N 3244883-12

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PW200 & PW 210 Series Fuel Nozzle Set

P/N  3056042-02 & 3056565-03

P/N 30L3217-01 & 30L2530-01

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PT6C-67C Fuel Nozzle Sets

Pre SB 41050 3059126-01 & 3058617-01

Post SB 41050 3073974-01 & 3073976-01

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PT6T Fuel Nozzle Sets

P/N 3019536 & P/N 3019537 etc

P/N 3054522-01 & P/N 3054520-01

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2019 Q1 Special Offers

PT6A & PT6T Bleed Valve Exchange SPECIAL OFFER!!!


SAVE 20% 

Compressor Bleed Valve Exchanges on all PT6A & PT6T Engine Models 

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PT6T-3DF Fuel Nozzle Exchange Set SPECIAL OFFER!!!


SAVE 15% 

On a complete set of Exchange PT6T-3D/DE/DF Fuel Nozzles.

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PT6C-67C Fuel Nozzle Exchange Set SPECIAL OFFER!!!


SAVE 10% 

On a set of exchange PT6C-67C Fuel Nozzles when opting for the Fixed Exchange Price (No-Bill-Backs) offer.

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